• Track shipments in Real-time


    Track shipments in Real-time

    Do not depend on carriers to track your shipments. Add tracker to your shipments directly and track it in real time. Integrate with Iot in the factory floor to track your shipments from factory to door. Analyse and know the regions of man-made or natural disasters. Re-route shipments in real-time.

    Logistics and Management Solutions

    The existing solutions for tracking shipments depend on tracking messages sent by carriers. The truck or container on which the shipment is transported is tracked as opposed to the shipment themselves. Moreover, it depends on the tracking messages that the carrier is willing to send across to the shipper. Typically this is only done at entry and exist points such as warehouse or ports as opposed to a real-time GPS enabled truck or container tracking.
    Add GPS trackers to your shipments or containers and start tracking them in real-time. Know about delayed shipments before hand, understand the fastest route vs slow routes to similar destinations. Track performance of carriers and much more by tracking your shipments.
    Avoid routing all your shipments via a natural or man-made disaster zone. Understand in real time where the bottlenecks are and subsequently re-route your shipments via a free-flowing route.

  • Make your factory Smart


    Make your factory smart

    Track the maintenance schedules of your different assets in the factory floor. Know when an asset was last maintained. Analyse and predict when an asset is likely to need the next maintenance. Analyse and predict parts that require replacement before hand and do not let your asset go out of action.

    Factory Management

    Add tracing to your product manufacturing line and be able to trace from a product all the way back to it's raw materials. Know form the Raw material batch the set of products that were made. Know the rejection rates based on raw materials. Trace to find defects in raw materials that caused product rejection or failure.
    Add sensors to various product lines in your factory. Monitor them for blocks and resolve them immediately. Standardize your factory processes across multiple factories.

  • Enhance customer retail experience


    Enhance customer retail experience

    Welcome to the 21st century. Bring the charm of online shopping to brick and mortar stores.

    Retail Stores, Retail Products, Ad-Oriented Products

    The online world already has context sensitive advertising. The Googles and Amazons of the world know your browsing history, search patterns, recent interests in products and many such information. Why keep this to the online world?
    Add indoor position beacons to your aisles. Connect this via the cloud to Mobile apps running on your customer phones and get access to their shopping patterns. Match up appropriately and give advertisements and aisle locations of their favorite products. Connect their store shopping experience with their online shopping experience, interest shown in store aisles can be recorded and appropriate advertisements can be shown on online advertisements.
    Analyze shopping patterns of various customers that come into your store to know a gap in product storage, gap in cost of items sold online and in shops. Provide a comparison between discounted prices in shop vs online sites. Offer instant personalized discounts based on customer shopping pattern.

  • Improve SLA


    Improve SLA

    Add sensors to the HVAC and other devices for which AMCs are created and monitor them remotely. Analyze the data collected to understand current state and only send service engineers when required. Predict problems before customers report them and proactively fix them.

    AMC and Maintenance providers

  • Track your assets in real-time


    Track your assets in Real-time

    Track your movable and immovable assets in real-time. Know where your assets are when, know the usage patterns of your assets. Know when your assets were last used, idle times and other details of your assets on the factory floor.

    Factory and related solutions

  • Analyze Market segments


    Analyze Market segments

    As a manufacturer of high end products such as HVACs and boilers, it would be nice to know the customer patterns and how and for what each of the product is used. What the usage pattern, maintenance pattern in which region how much servicing requests are generated and so on. Analyse the sensor data installed in your customer locations to know the same.

    Manufacturer Solutions